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USB’s … OH MY!! 

Marketing and Branding…

Why is this important for photographers?  And why is it important for me to create a wonderful brand for my clients and friends?  For me, Branding is more to me than just name recognition, a logo or a marketing practice to create a unique look for my business. It is a feeling I want to convey, a sense of peace and well being, a treasured moment… captured.  Branding starts at the first inquiry and lasts until the final images are received and even through the follow up emails a YEAR after our shoot!!

USB Memory Direct Client Digital Image Packaging
Captured at Kristin Boyer – K. Boyer Photography Studio on 22 Dec, 2018 by Kristin Boyer, K. Boyer Photography

What I want for my Branding

  • I want my branding to create a memorable impression that distinguishes me from the 1000’s of other Atlanta Photographers.  There are so many wonderful photographers in my area and all of us are great at what we do.  I have a particular style and that is what brings families back to me.  It is what they recognize and what they expect.
  •  I want my clients to see my branding and have an idea of what to expect.  It starts from the simplicity on my website, the clean lines and classic images and moves onto the props (or lack thereof) in my newborn shoots and then continues through the ordering process and purchasing images and products.
  • I want my brand to be an experience… not just a logo or a name. It is tied closely to my personal style and my style has always been simple and classic … I never want the focus to be away from my subjects that I am photographing.  I want emotions to be genuine and simple.  It is sooooo hard to get a family of young children ready and out the door for photos.  I have never ever heard any mom or dad say… “that was easy!”  I know how much effort goes into the choosing of outfits, locations and times to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules so I treat the photo session itself as just the beginning of what I want to be a wonderful, relaxing and FUN experience.  It brings me great joy to hear someone say at the end of a photo shoot “that was fun!” or “that was much better than I expected!”  I love to hear feedback from moms, dads AND kids about their experience and it does not stop at the last click of the shutter.
  • I want the photo reveal to be just as fun… They get an email from me that lets them know their proofs are ready and then frequently I suggest that they sit down as a family and look at them together.  Grab a soft drink or a glass of wine, give the kids a few nibbles to munch on and relive the happiness of their photo shoot and the joy that we captured together.

Delivery of Digital Images…

USB Memory Direct Digital Image Delivery Packaging
Captured at Kristin Boyer – K. Boyer Photography Studio on 22 Dec, 2018 by Kristin Boyer, K. Boyer Photography

And STILL more…  and one of the most important steps… The Delivery of the Digital Images!I offer my families a variety of ways to receive their digital images and the most popular is by USB.    It is with great care that I choose my packaging to help continue the story I want to tell.  I am so happy to share my newest find… They are awesome! The quality, the feel, the look… everything is right inline with my brand and what I want to project.  They are simple, classic wood with my logo on them and I was so pleased.  The magnet for the cap is strong which gives a sense of quality, the wood grain is beautiful, the logo is just as clear as I could wish for.   And to top it off, the companies customer service has been fantastic.  Attention to detail, followup and overall a 100%.  Love this in a company!!

USB Memory Direct Digital Image Delivery Packaging
Captured at Kristin Boyer – K. Boyer Photography Studio on 22 Dec, 2018 by Kristin Boyer, K. Boyer Photography

There are so many things behind the scenes that go into a photo session from the very beginning when a client reaches out to the final moment they receive their images and prints.  I love what I do and I am thrilled to partner with my newest vendor for more great products.  Anything that makes my job easier to deliver to my clients is a win win for me and USB Memory Direct’s custom flash drives are perfect! Now… I am off to their website to see what other products I must have in my arsenal!

USB Memory Direct Digital Image Delivery Packaging
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